Murano & Burano, the noble art of Glass & Lace masters

A Special journey between the today and yesterday Art

Venice is a city that has to be discovered slowly, observed and pervaded in its many facets, which form a combination of bright and harmonious contrasts at the same time and make it unique in its style.

Among the thousand charms of Venice, there are certainly the Venetian Lagoon islands, including the fampus Murano and Burano. Here you can find, craftsmanship, art and tradition, color and music, returning a painting of lively and unforgettable impressions.

Murano is the most famous island for the blown glass art creations, celebrated and renowned all over the world. The artistic heritage of this area is infinite, and it is worthwhile to be discovered and visited, taking the right time without frenzy, enjoying all the special details that turn a journey into an unforgettable experience.

The light reflected in the historic Muranosmall stores and workshops, through the small artworks of glass, gives a magical spectacle, a rainbow of precious colors.

In Murano, in the glassware laboratories, you can watch the artists at work and discover all the concentration and care of the detail behind each single glass creation. The process of creating the famous glass masterpieces is very complex, starting from the siliceous sand, with some small secrets that give the beautiful nuances typical of Murano glass.

Continuing on the journey to discover the Venetian islands, you can easily reach the nearby Burano Island, where fishermen’s houses with vibrant pastel colors will welcome you with a greeting heart warming up. Burano, is famous the romantic Burano laces creations, made by the women of the island from the old times. Noble and very ancient, the art of Buranella (sadly disappearing) is the incredible craftsmanship of the unique Burano lace, internationally renowned.

You have absolutely to make, if you are visiting Burano, a stop at the Burano Lace Museum (the Muretto Museum), a modern museum that exhibits this antique craft in a fascinating way. Walk through the small colorful streets, take unforgettable photographs, go hunting in the little boutiques of a precious memory!