Life’s pleasures – Journey through flavors and gourmand art

Tradition & Enogastronomy

Great is the culinary tradition of Veneto.

Thanks to the many resources and fresh products that this area offers, the local food and wine proposal is very rich, starting from Bacalà in tocio to “Risi e bisi con’enguà, till its more modern and creative interpretation.

Fruity and scented white local red wines will introduce you in a fascinating journey through the taste and the flavors of the Land of Venice and Veneto.

The Venetian Cuisine

The Venetian cuisine is the perfect fusion between italian tradition, creativity and use of first-choice ingredients. A culinary philosophy based on the simplicity and the genuine flavors valorisation.

Among the famous land fruits of this area, located in the north of the Venetian Lagoon, there are the bitter green asparagus, used in many tasty local recipes and the junipers.

Cavallino Treporti & the Fish Sea Cuisine

You can not miss a fresh fish menu that reflect this area between the sea and the river. Fresh fish is in fact, one of the great protagonists of the venetian local cuisine. Fishing knows different traditions and modes in the dynamic environment of the Laguna Veneta and the area of Cavallino Treporti. On the one hand, fishing in the sea, on the other in the valleys full of rivers.

Inside the lagoon, a fragile but tenacious environment, there are the fishing valleys where raise eels, bushes, breams, sea bass and headworms.

A rich and varied food & wine proposal that satisfies all the tastes, even the most refined ones. Fish broths, baccalà in tocio, just to mention the most famous recipes, all accompanied by the exquisite polenta..

You can discover many delicious fresh fish dishes and other delicious recipes at the Restaurant Pizzeria Hosteria, not far from the gorgeous Tenuta Ca’ Del Pioppo.